My Background

Jorge Valdes grew up in Tenafly New Jersey graduating from high school in 1987.  He attended college at Rutgers University until 1991 when he received a Bachelor of Arts degree.  Deciding to be an attorney in his senior year of college, Jorge graduated from Rutgers School of Law in 1995. He was a practicing New York City attorney until 1997 when he was hired by a California law firm passing the state bar in 1997. Jorge has played classical piano since he was five years old. An avid baseball/New York Mets fan he goes to watch his team play twice per year even though he makes his home in Southern California.

A Father's Passion

In January 2012 Jorge had a very chance conversation with his ten-year old daughter Remy who announced, quite boldly, that she wanted to write a story book called "Magnus Manheart: The Five Staffs of Justice." Three hours later the two had outlined the basic elements of the story when he turned to his daughter and promised that he would write the book for her. Jorge began outlining Magnus Manheart the very next day. He began actual drafting in June 2012.  Two years later the first installment of the Magnus Manheart trilogy, The Cavern of Souls, was complete. Jorge is currently working on drafting volume II, The Teumessian Fox, with an anticipated completion date of December  2017.

Agency Affiliation

Jorge is currently seeking a literary agent and publisher to bring the Magnus Manheart series to audiences worldwide.