Magnus Manheart

is the biological son of Valgus Yorg, a powerful wizard murdered during the Farsidian occupation, and his wife Contessa Angelina Yorg. Raised by his adopted parents, Falcus and Yaven Manheart, lacking any magical ability of his own, Magnus grows up disgruntled over his lower station in life and his adopted father's passing seven years prior. On his sixteenth birthday a reluctant and cynical Magnus, lacking knowledge of his lineage, is guided towards his Justice Staff by his adopted mother which gives him a new found purpose in life.

Kataria Siman

is the daughter of Durbin Forge's deceased chancellor and his wife, both murdered at the hands of the Farsidian Regime. A raceling by blood with no magical ability of her own, she is raised by extended family and friends. At age seventeen she meets Magnus Manheart during a battle surrounding a local tax revolt. Intrigued by the similarity in their Justice Staffs, Kataria convinces Magnus to embark on a journey to further investigate their origin.

jofuir Salir

is a dwarf and biological nephew of Hoiran Salir. Well trained in potion making by his uncle, but lacking any magical ability of his own. Jofuir willingly joins the group of Justice Staff warriors after witnessing first hand the sacrifices being made by the other members. Jofuir is seriously injured at the Cavern of Souls where the group barely escapes with their lives, and his injuries remain a life long reminder of his personal sacrifice.


(known only by that name) is an alien from the planet Metaderm.  Banished for treason from his home planet he is being forced to live in exile on Nibiru. Soon after he arrived, he defeated the 5 original Justice Staff warriors and became obsessed with finding the Justice Staffs for his personal use. His ultimate goal is to conquer his home planet with the aid of the staffs and return to life with his wife.