Seven years after losing his father in a battle against the Farsidian Regime, a grieving sixteen year old Magnus Manheart discovers a family secret that will change his life forever.  On the eve of another attack by Farsidius and his army, Magnus’ mother gives him a staff and sends him off to battle, except the young warrior does not know how to use it, or what it is for.  During the battle, Magnus encounters Kataria, a young elfin girl under attack, and in a moment bravery, the staff's magical abilities come alive and Magnus is able to save the girl.  But the choice he makes has a tragic outcome---one of his fellow men is killed when he leaves his post---leaving Magnus with a huge sense of failure, fear and doubt as to whether he will ever make a good warrior.  

         As the battle wanes, Magnus and Kataria both discover that they have something in common---staffs with magical abilities---and they start to question what it means for them and their future.

          After meeting a wizard, the young warriors learn that they are, in fact, bearers of two of the five “Justice Staffs”, legendary magical weapons that have been placed on their planet of Nibiru to ultimately free them from the Farsidian Empire, and that the staffs have been in their families for decades.  Magnus also learns that his father had been searching for these staffs for many years; a legacy that he now can willingly fulfill.  But most importantly, Magnus and Kataria learn they must find the other three staffs before Farsidious does---and fast.  But there is one huge problem---the location of the other three staffs is largely unknown.  

          In a race against time, Magnus and  Kataria embark on a coming of age journey that will challenge them in ways they have never known.  Magnus quickly realizes he will not be able to effectively work his staff until he releases himself from the grief over his father’s passing...but he is not certain that he can.  As he struggles to operate the staff, the two friends overcome many obstacles and use every resource given to them, such as the legendary Book of Prophecy, to find the remaining staffs in order to free the planet from Farsidius, and to save their planet for good.  

          With the fate of Nibiru in the balance, many questions remain: Will Magnus learn to use his staff?  Will he fulfill his father's legacy?  And most importantly, will he and Kataria find the staffs in time to save their planet from ultimate destruction.