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Nibiru is the fictional world created as the backdrop for the Magnus Manheart series of novels. Home to about 10 million inhabitants, the planet is about 70% ocean water and 30% land mass.  Nibiru has five continents, each the primary home of one of five races of people: Human; Raceling; Relfling; Aquagra and Kulk. There are three natural satellites, called moons, that rotate around the planet every 24 hours and two suns making Nibiru's average temperature an extremely warm 79 degrees worldwide. Beneath the planet's mantel layer is a solid layer of metal ore. The ore provides the primary energy source for life on Nibiru. The 5 Justice Staffs rely exclusively on the planet's ore as their energy source. The origins of the name Nibiru are unknown and pre-date centuries before the Farsidian occupation which has lasted the past 50 years. Nibiru is entering a perilous stage in its existence with the planet's ore being mined heavily by the Farsidian Regime for purposes as yet unknown to the planet's inhabitants.